SUB2 x TitanFab Titanium X Pipe


With the absolute best performance in mind, we collaborated with Nolan of NSFAB, based in Washington, to bring the absolute lightest X Pipe to the market.

With two configurations offered in standard X location and the sought after forward X, plus options for resonated and unresonated, this is the end-all solution for any preference or calibration. We've done extensive testing both on the road and on the dyno, and we can say for certain, the forward X placement is instantly noticeable with a substantial bump in mid-range power and torque. There's a reason anyone who's fitted it has been ecstatic right off the bat. The standard X won't require custom tuning, and does flow a bit more at redline, so while the torque bump isn't there, peak numbers are.

The unresonated version weighs just 8lbs, and the resonated tips the scales at 11lbs... We are talking about an 80% reduction in weight compared to the stock unit. 

Made from the finest TiCon titanium, our X pipe is 2.5" throughout, fits perfectly and sounds incredible paired with just about any rear section. If you're concerned about too much noise, we suggest the resonated version, but if you want max lightness, max volume, and max smiles... go with the unresonated variant.