SUB2 Power Package


Want to crack that elusive 400whp mark?  This is your best bet, without breaking the bank.

With a car like the E9X M3, been around as long as it has... we've got no shortage of part options for engine bolt-ons. Some are wildly expensive, others are cheap replicas, and then there are our favorite selection of parts that are both made well and, in our opinion, function better than anything else on the market. Few have reached the numbers we have on our own E92, so instead of taking a gamble and combining parts that don't work in harmony together, with one click of a button, you can have just about everything you need to wake up your S65 V8 and turn it into an 8600rpm monster. 


  • SUB2-spec EPIC Motorsports race calibration
  • Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake
  • Macht Schnell X-pipe 
  • OR upgrade to our Titanium X pipe for a massive weight savings and unique sound
  • Macht Schnell Underdrive Pulleys 

**Reaching the maximum power potential from your E9X will require good fuel, proper maintenance and of course a healthy motor. We recommend fresh bearings, plugs, actuators, valve cover gaskets, o2 sensors and injectors on any new build. Our E92 has 108,000 miles on the motor and makes killer numbers back, to back, to back.