SPL Kinematics Package


This is it, the full beans. We use EVERY SINGLE PIECE of this package from SPL, to dial in our E92 M3, and it's our recommended go-to when building an all out track weapon. From lack of adjustment to overly soft and deflection-prone rubber bushings in the factory parts, there's not much to write home about for just leavin' it stock. 

With the "I'll take everything they make" SPL package, you or your race shop can dial in alignment with corrected geometry, find a ton of grip at either end of the car and even tune in dynamic toe/camber. 

These parts have taken serious abuse over the years, and there's no other brand we'd trust to get the job done. 


  • Front Lower Control Arms (Front Camber, Track Width & Roll Center)
  • Front Tension Arms (Caster Adjustments & Anti-Dive)
  • Front Tie Rod Ends (Bump Steer Adjustable)
  • Front Endlinks (Optional in Case You Already Have One of Our MCS Assemblies)
  • Rear Upper Arms (Camber Adjustment, Required For Even Basic Track Setups)
  • Rear Toe Links (Eccentric Lockout)
  • Rear Endlinks 
  • Rear Knuckle Bearings