MCS A90 Supra Suspension Packages



Effortless rotation? Check. Insane front grip? Yep. The ability to enjoy for street comfort and exploit for competitive racing? You bet. Proper spring heights to allow for maximum wheel and tire width? YES -- you can fit 18x10.5 wheels with 295/30 tires at all. four. corners... Best part? We've done all the research and testing already. Spend less time browsing the forums and more time on the track! We guarantee anyone you know with an E9x will have no idea how your car seems to just magically work better...

Paired with Vorshlag Camber/Caster plates, this is a full, bolt-on suspension package assembled and ready to go. Whether you go with 1WNR's or 4-way remotes, we'll suggest spring rates, canister pressure and baseline settings. 

We have used MCS on our personal track cars for the last 8 years. They are the best of the best. In fact, we took our E92 M3 to a 1:51 lap around Buttonwillow on 1WNR's and street tires, with a long list of podiums and chassis records, too. While we know what we like, of course, if you'd prefer some specific spring rates and lengths, we can make it happen -- just reach out and we'll build a package for your needs. 

ATTENTION: Front endlinks are required. We used to include them but we found many people requesting to remove them as they already had sets for their car. If you don't have them they are available on the site.

Important: C/O Rear May Experience a slight "Squeak" from the rear with certain sway bar types with spring contact. This is superficial and is perfectly ok for track use. If you are sensitive to light noises, select "Divorced" from the drop down.  

YAW Sensor: Being race dampers, these do not have provisions for the factory YAW sensors. Commonly, everyone wire ties these to the damper bodies or coded them out to avoid the error messages in the iDrive/dash. We have made shock body clamps that mount the sensor in the correct location for a complete and "finished" looking install. We include these, again free of charge, whenever you buy a set of F8X/A90 MCS's from us.