KMP x SUB2 F8X Racing Wheel - Manual


KMP Drivetrain Solutions is a badass motorsport company coming from the Netherlands. Their philosophy is the same as ours; quality parts, exceptional fit and finish, and everything they make is geared for motorsport use. Because of that, we worked with the team to offer this unique spec to the E46, E9X and F8X community.

It's wrapped in Grey Alcantara that matches the OEM 9002 Alcantera offered on the factory M-Performance wheel and other interior parts, as well as our CAE block-off plate... and finished with a true tri-color M stitch, a classic yellow 12 o'clock marker and only two buttons to keep things clean and simple. If you'd like additional buttons or unique options, just let us know. 

The SUB2-spec KMP wheel adds some bespoke flavor to your interior, but you really have no idea how much a smaller 330mm wheel can change the way your car feels on track. These aren't small cars with insanely quick steering racks, so the smaller wheel actually makes the car feel more agile and responsive to steering inputs. This adds control and feedback at the limit that you simply can't find with a giant factory wheel. 

The center plate is an homage to the BMW historic logo, greyscale and inverted for something truly motorsport and cool. 

Best of all, KMP has done the hard work of ensuring these wheels and quick release hubs are plug and play, with zero errors on the dash or extra programming needed. 

We spec these with only two buttons, horn & a button of your choice (M2, M1, Traction Control, etc..) You can have 4 programmable buttons if you'd prefer as well, just let us know.

** These are made to order and cannot be returned**