HANS Device Sport 3 Head Restraints are the lightest HANS Sport Series device to date.

HANS Device Sport 3 Head Restraints present a contemporary approach to building a lightweight, strong, and safe HANS Device. Now in the third generation, HANS Device Sport 3 Head Restraints have a new design and polymer with a hollow collar which reduces the weight significantly. Its engineered reinforcements guarantee a very strong structure with a reduced mass. HANS Device Sport 3 Head Restraints provide the same level of safety as every HANS Device with the lightest, most comfortable injection-molded HANS made to date.

HANS Device Sport 3 Head Restraints are developed with ease of driver entry/exit in mind. Its rounded back is lower than the original HANS Device design, reducing the risk of getting caught on a roll cage or in window openings when moving in and out of a racecar. Authentic HANS Devices set the standard in top performance in lab crash testing and real-life race crash results.

The HANS Sport 3 is only available in a 20o Layback Angle configuration, suitable for the majority of racing applications including most Stock Cars, Modifieds, Drag, Legends, Bandalero and most road racing cars. However, the HANS Device Sport 3 Head Restraints are not compatible with cars that have extreme layback seats such as formula type cars, IndyCars, etc.


  • SUB2 carries only dual homologation FIA/SFI HANS devices to make sure you're getting the right certification for any racing organization needs.
  • Includes HANS posts (button-style) for your SA2015 helmet.
  • Only 4 oz. (100 g) heavier than the HANS Pro Device!
  • Improved fit, reduced weight compared to past models.
  • Sliding tethers are standard.
  • Injection molded super-structural carbon composite construction.
  • Lower rounded collar saves weight and allows for easier entry/exit in many smaller, tighter vehicles.