Antigravity H6/Group-48 Battery



Do you want the single EASIEST and MOST VALUABLE weight reduction mod? This is it. The stock battery weighs a whopping 60lbs... This Antigravity fits in the stock location and weighs 15.4lbs. Yes, you read that right. That's almost 75% lighter than stock. 

We run the 40ah version of this battery in our E92 M3, but for cars that see more daily duty and/or are running heavier electronic loads with speakers, navigations, etc... we recommend stepping up into the 60ah. This It holds a charge and has no problem cranking in any temperature with 1500ca. For best practice, it's smart to leave it on a CTEK Lithium Charger when stored for extended periods. 

Like all of our Antigravity batteries, this H6-40-RS comes with RE-START; AG's built-in jump-starting feature. Left your dome light on while you were sleeping at the track and you're about to miss session 1? Press that button and start your car up right away.