Epic Motorsports Tune F8X M2/M3/M4



Randy Mueller, the wizard behind Epic, tunes these cars in the harshest conditions for actual race teams. All of his experience trickles down to these dynamic tunes that are at home on the street, but shine on the track.

Lap after lap power, with gains of +84hp and +107lb-ft... This tune contains some tricks from the M3 CS, M4 GT and M4 GT4 calibrations, and goes beyond the factory bottlenecks. Unlike the other tunes out there, the Epic software has a huge emphasis on repeatable performance with a track-spec safety net, giving you the confidence and ability to thrash your F8X in a real racing environment. Of course we advise supporting modifications like CSF coolers, etc... but on the engine side, it's perfectly fine to keep everything stock. For our F80 M3 project car, we simply upgraded to aluminum chargepipes to remove the crack-prone factory plastic pipes, and of course swapped the failing stock intercooler for a CSF unit.  

On the street, you'll be blown away instantly. Throttle response, boost modulation, part-throttle torque, sound... you name it. The S55 just feels SO much smoother and happier this way. No snake oil here, Randy has done it again, just like he did with his industry-best tunes for the S54 and S65 -- there's a reason he's our guy!

  • Double the torque gains of GTS software between 3,000-5,700 RPM
  • +50tq over stock @ 3,000rpm, +120tq over stock @ 4,250rpm
  • 91 or 93 octane files available 
  • GTS Steering calibration comes standard
  • Recalibrated sports display with 'tuned' peak numbers