Drexler GT Race Limited Slip Differential



We've partnered up with Florian at LimitedSlip.de to bring more Drexlers to the community. Florian spec'd our Drexler GT Race Lite diff for the E92 M3-TA and let us tell you... it is THE modification that transformed the car completely. 

Most people think of an LSD upgrade as just putting more power to the ground. Yes, that is ONE of the things it does. What they don't talk about is the increase in braking performance, or the removal of understeer, or simply how it impacts turn-in and corner exits... It changes everything, and for that reason, it's a make or break mod, because we put the time, money and effort into the swap and if it's not spec'd appropriately, you might have just made your car worse. 

Florian has built a metric ton of diffs for enthusiasts and race teams alike, and he knows his shit when it comes to M cars. 

Please note, this is for the LSD unit and necessary parts only, not a fully assembled pumpkin shipped to your door. These are true motorsport parts, and they should be installed into your pumpkin by a pro. You'll receive a full spec sheet once you order and of course, we are here to support and answer any questions you might have along the way, as well as connect you with the the man himself for the nitty gritty or custom options with ramps, angles and ratios.

We promise this is one mod you won't regret. 

We have some options here:

GT Race Diff is the standard diff, but we can lighten it up by drilling the clutches to save another pound from the assembly, this will be the GT Race Light.

We can also go with a shorter final drive ratio, like the BMW Motorsport 4.10 that we run in our E92 6MT. For DCT cars, you'll want a 3.62 FD if you're going shorter.  Yes, this will increase RPM's at cruising speed but we'll be damned if the NA S65 wasn't meant for these gears. It just comes alive.

Included in the package

  • Drexler GT Race / Race Light LSD
  • Side Flanges
  • New Bearings
  • New Flangeseals
  • Small parts package (ring gear screws, crush sleeve, etc...)
  • Final Drive upgrade (optional)

Want to know how an LSD works? Watch this video.