CSF Ultimate Cooling Package - E9X M3


Dating back to our very first all-out track build, the infamous 600hp 1M-Clone, we've trusted CSF to keep temps in check. On our E92 M3, we run the full suite of coolers and have never, not even once, had a CEL or high temp warning, no matter the ambient temperature or the abuse we're inflicting on our trusty S65 V8.

This is everything you need, all in one. If you're so inclined to do one at a time, you have our blessing, but trust us, just do it all and never worry about high temps again. 

This bundle includes:

  • (1) 7059 CSF E9X M3 Triple-Pass Radiator
  • (1) 8025 CSF E9X M3 Engine Oil Cooler
  • (1) 8041 CSF E9X M3 Power Steering Cooler
  • (1) 8042 CSF E9X M3 Transmission Cooler